Vacmaster 38L M Class Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum 1500W # VMVDK1538SWC-06

Vacmaster 38L M Class Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum 1500W # VMVDK1538SWC-06

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• Approved for Dust Classes M (medium risk dust)
• High efficiency single fan motor, providing maximum airflow and performance at an economical cost
• Click-fit power head attachment for easy removal and attachment
• Push and Clean filter cleaning System
• Air flow sensor emits warning flash lights
• Power take-off for both wet and dry vacuum cleaning
• Full anti-static for whole accessories system
• Metal locking clasps, metal casters and large rear wheels for easy movability across different surfaces
• Variable suction power by dial

• Suitable For : Industrial
• Cable : 10 m Soft Rubber
• Tank Volume : 38L
• Max Airflow : 72L/s
• Watts : 1500W
• Tank Drain : Pour
• Filter : Dust Classes M
• Hose Length : 2.5 m Crush resistant + Real anti-static
• Sync Function (PTO) : Yes - 800W Max
• Net Weight : 14.0kg
• Model Number : VDK1538SWC
• Motor : 220-240V~ 50Hz
• Max. Power Consumption Of the Power Tool Take-Off Socket Outlet : 800W for SAA Socket
• Max. Vacuum Pressure : 25kPa / 250hPa
• Max. Flow Rate : 71L/s / 255.6m³/h
• Bearing Capacity of Disposable Bag : 11.0kg
• Bearing Capacity of Dust Bag : 12.0kg

• Vacuum cleaners of dust category M according to IEC/EN 60335-2-69 for dry vacuuming of hazardous dusts with an exposition limit value ≥0.1 mg/m3.


SYNC FUNCTION (Power take off)

• By simply plugging in your power tool into the sync power outlet on the vacuum, the power tool will automatically control when the vacuum starts and stops.
• Select “II” on the vacuum switch.
• Connect the vacuum to a power outlet and it is ready to go.

• As the power tool is switched on, both the power tool and the vacuum will start simultaneously.
• When the power tool is switched off, the vacuum continues for up to 8 seconds which clears any debris in the hose and the vacuum stops.
• Next time the power tool is started, the vacuum also starts.
• The operation of the sync is limited. For a 1500 watt vac, the max for power tool is 800 watt.

What is a vacuum cleaner with Power Take Off (PTO)?
• A vacuum cleaner with Power Take Off is essentially a portable dust extraction unit, often used by carpenters, builders and renovators to capture wood and masonry dust before it spreads.
• Helping to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous dust, whilst also keeping homes and working environments clean.

Why is it important to extract building dust from your home or workspace?
• It is important to consider proper dust collection when undertaking any building work, whether in a work environment or in your home.
• Repeated exposure to wood or masonry dust can be hazardous, causing anything from a flu-like illness, to chronic bronchitis, to cancer.
• Wood dust often contains bacteria and fungi, which, when airborne, can enter the lungs and cause illness and long term damage.

How to connect a power tool to a PTO vacuum cleaner?
• Using a power tool or machine to sand, saw, router or drill can generate large volumes of potentially hazardous dust.
• Because of this, most dust generating tools have a port for collecting the dust.
• Simply connecting a hose from a dust extracting vacuum cleaner to this port, captures the dust generated directly at the point of origin.


Warranty Information

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