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UNIMIG Chaos True Colour Lens Automatic Welding Helmet # UM-H-CHAOS

UNIMIG Chaos True Colour Lens Automatic Welding Helmet # UM-H-CHAOS

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4 Arc Sensors
• Maintain constant sensing and automatically switches the helmet from light to dark and back again.

True Colour
• High Definition Filter Technology is a feature that greatly improves the optics allowing the user to see a full spectrum of colours.
• It also helps to alleviate eye fatigue making it safer for extended periods of welding.

Shade Control
• Automatic Welding Lens allows the operator to switch between welding shades from shade 9 to shade 13.
• The switching speed of the lens is a very fast 0.1m/s from light to dark.

Operator Comfort
• Lightweight Design makes wearing the welding helmet more comfortable for the operator.

Grind Mode
• Allows the operator to switch the helmet from the welding mode into a fixed shade for grinding.
• This function removes the need for the operator to change visors and to simply use the welding helmet for grinding when required.

• Filter dimension : 110mm x 90mm x 9mm
• View size : 100mm x 60mm
• Classification : 1/1/1/2
• Sensors : 4
• Light state : 4
• Dark state : 9-13
• Power control : Fully automatic
• Shade control : External
• Switching time at 23 ̊C : 0.08ms
• Time from dark to light : 0.1s-0.9s, digital control
• Grinding function : External
• Operation temperature : -10 ̊C to 65 ̊C
• Storing temperature : -20 ̊C to 85 ̊C
• Power supply : Solar cell & CR2450 Replaceable Lithium battery
• Certifications approved : CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS

2 Years Warranty

• UNIMIG is pleased to offer a 2 year warranty on all Auto Darkening Welding Helmets.
• UNIMIG offers warranty across Australia with four UNIMIG service area’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.
• We also have authorised service centres across Australia as well.
• UNIMIG’s focus is to assure the buyer is getting reliability, performance and peace of mind.




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