Trend Skeleton Adjustable Door Hinge Jig # H/JIG/C

Trend Skeleton Adjustable Door Hinge Jig # H/JIG/C

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• The two part Contractor Hinge Jig is a portable fully adjustable block template set designed for recessing hinges in wooden doors & frames using a plunge router.
• It is easy to use with minimal setting-up time, completing the job both accurately & quickly.
• Used on-site & in joinery shops to increase productivity with excellent results.
• Fully adjustable apertures for fire door requirements and renovation work.
• Can be used on both inside and outside doors, rebated frames and on maximum 25mm thick fixed stops.
• Ideal for fitting a new door in an old frame.
• No need for marking out in the conventional way.
• Quick & simple to set-up as the hinge is used as the pattern.
• Clean & accurate recesses are achieved every time. Suitable for timber based doors & square butt hinges.

• 3 x Hinge sliding aperture block assemblies
• 4 x Bradawls (short blade)
• 1 x 16mm guide bush
• 1 x Carry case

• Length min : 67 mm
• Length max : 127 mm
• Width min : 12.7 mm
• Width max : 35 mm
• Width max. in 35mm rebate 23 mm
• Width max. in 44mm rebate 32 mm
• Door sizes possible
• Height min : 6' 5" (1956 mm)
• Height max : 2100 mm* (6' 10"*)
• Thickness min : 5/8" (16 mm)

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