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Trend Fully Adjustable Trade Lock Recessing Jig - LOCK/JIG/B

Trend Fully Adjustable Trade Lock Recessing Jig - LOCK/JIG/B

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• Adjustable sliding inserts to allow faceplate and mortise recesses for popular size door locks to be routed.
• Fully adjustable for lock face plate length up to 250mm.
• Quick and easy to set up using engraved lines for lock size and door sizes.
• Fast, clean & accurate results on doors even in hardwood.
• Engraved for 16mm and 19mm lock width and 22.5mm and 25.4mm face plate widths.
• Measuring required for other lock widths.
• Engraved on underside to allow set up for 35mm, 40mm, 44mm and 54mm door widths.
• Deeper mortises can be achieved with a suitable size of auger bit.
• Plastic laminate body with aluminium clamping bar, with clamping range 30mm to 80mm.
• Includes a pair of setting blocks for specific lock widths and to aid door centring.
• The jig requires a 1/2-inch plunge router with a 80mm plunge, fitted with a 30mm guide bush with 10mm spigot, 12mm diameter long reach cutter and two quick action clamps.
• A 1/4-inch plunge router can be used for the face plate but will not achieve full depth of mortise.
• Includes 2 x setting block

• Door thickness min. : 30 mm
• Door thickness max. : 80 mm
• Faceplate length min. (OL) : 30 mm
• Faceplate length max. (OL) : 250 mm
• Face plate width engraved size (D)
- Width : 22.5 mm
- Width : 25.4 mm (1 inch)
• Mortise width engraved size (D)
- Width : 16 mm (5/8 inch)
- Width : 19 mm (3/4 inch)


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