Tormek Short Tool Jig # SVS-38

Tormek Short Tool Jig # SVS-38

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• This little jig is designed for sharpening short woodcarving tools and the shortest chisels.
• Suitable for straight shanked tools, such as wood chisels, carving gouges and tools for power carvers.
• The jig has two parallel flanges running on both sides of the Universal Support which ensures that the jig at all times – even when rotated – holds the tool square to the grindstone.
• This is a great advantage, as you can continuously concentrate on how the edge touches the grindstone or the honing wheel without having to worry whether the jig is square to the stone.
• Min length of tool 45 mm (1¾") at 20° edge angle.

What differs SVS-38 from SVS-32 ?
• SVS-38 is a further devel­opment of SVS‑32.
• It can handle slightly wider tools but apart from that, the function is the same as for the SVS-32 jig.
• SVS-38: Max. tool width 38 mm.
• SVS-32: Max. tool width 32 mm.

• Patent No. EP 1262281, U.S. 6,623,340.


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