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Tormek Sharpening Plane Irons Jig.   #SE-77

Tormek Sharpening Plane Irons Jig. #SE-77

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• With the SE-77 Square Edge Jig, it is easy to set your wood chisels and plane irons for sharpening to a square corner.
• The design gives you the best conditions for a successful sharpening with the highest precision over the final result.
• You can also set the jig for a slightly convex shape.

The SE-77 Square Edge Jig is a further development of the SE‑76 jig.
• It has been provided with an adjustable side that can be set with the help of two smaller knobs, which allows fine tuning if needed.
• This can be required if the tool is not exactly square to the stone, is very narrow or if the steel is slightly twisted.

The setting for fine adjustment is done in seconds by loosening one of the smaller adjustment knobs and tightening the other.
• The jig's construction also makes it possible to position and sharpen tapered chisels, e.g. Japanese chisels.
• The safety stops keep the jig securely on the Universal Support and prevent the tool from sliding off the grindstone, so there is no risk that you will hurt your fingers when sharpening.
• The jig fits wood chisels and plane irons up to 77 mm (3") width.

Sharpening a convex shape
• Most types of plane irons can benefit from a slight convex shape.
• The degree of camber depends on the type of plane and should be approximately the same as the thickness of the shavings.
• Thanks to the adjustable side on the SE-77 jig, you can achieve the optimal convex shape for your tool.

• The jig comprises an upper base with a lower clamp and two locking knobs for fixing the tool.
• The jig slides on the Universal Support on nylon bushings across the grind­stone.
• The edge angle is set with the Micro Adjust (3) on the Universal Support (4).
• There are two safety stops to prevent the tool from slipping off the stone when grinding.
• One inner stop (1) to be positioned according to the width of the tool and one outer stop (2) mounted on the end of the Universal Support.
• The jig lines up the chisel to its upper flat side, making it easier to mount it correctly (not twisted).
• Conventional jigs need manual alignment.
• The lower clamp has a ridge in the centre enabling shorter tools with a tapered shank to be firmly mounted, e.g. Japanese chisels.
• The upper base, which lines up the tool, is designed so the clamping pressure is distributed to the ends and the tool mounts firmly without a heavy tightening of the knobs.

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    Tormek plane and chisel jig

    Posted by John Vicary-Lovegrove on 7th Nov 2021

    This jig is streets ahead of the original jig received with my Sherwood machine. It is very well made, easy to use, and virtually foolproof, after reshaping and then honing my plane blades, this jig delivered plane irons sharp enough to shave hair from my forearm on every occassion. Not hard to get consistent repeatable results, that are scary sharp in a matter of minutes. A pleasure to use, and very competitively priced by Just Tools