Sutton 6pce TCT Multi-Purpose Downlight Holesaw Set #H111008DL

Sutton 6pce TCT Multi-Purpose Downlight Holesaw Set #H111008DL

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• Holesaws: 41, 54, 57, 64, 70 & 92mm
• Pilot Drills: WHC10-HSS & WHC10-TCT
Multi-Purpose Holesaw Sets
• For cutting timber, hardwood, soft wood, MDF, plaster board, compressed fibre cement sheet, cement sheet, plastics, ceramic tiles, bricks & abrasive materials.
• The Multi-Purpose Holesaw has been developed to update the existing single tooth TCT Wood Holecutters and Downlight Holecutters. 
• Suitable for construction, installation and DIY use, the Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) teeth provide outstanding cutting performance and durability with minimal heat build up. 
• TCT teeth allow for fast, clean, controlled cutting without clogging.
• 54mm Cutting Depth
• Tungsten Carbide Tipped - Cuts 5 times faster than conventional Bi-Metal
• Quick Release Adaptor to quickly change holesaw sizes

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