Diamond Saws

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    Makita 110mm - 125mm Diamond Cutter.    #4101RH


    Makita 110mm - 125mm Diamond Cutter. #4101RH

         Features• Perfect saw for cutting tiles, bricks and concrete• Powerful and durable motor for longer life• Equipped with earth leakage breaker• Special cover design prevents water from entering into motor...

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    Makita 110mm Diamond Cutter.   #4100NH3ZX


    Makita 110mm Diamond Cutter - 4100NH3ZX

      FEATURES• Redesigned base with grooved back surface for smoother operation• Easy alignment of base end with the cutting line• Compact blade case SPECIFICATIONS• Blade diameter : 110mm• Capacity Max. Cutting : 32mm•...

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    Makita 180mm Diamond Cutter.   #4107RH


    Makita 180mm Diamond Cutter - 4107RH

      Features• Wet cutting capability and a powerful 1,400W motor allows quick and clean cutting of stone, concrete and asphalt• Waterproof construction prevents water entering into motor housing• Equipped with earth leakage...