Heat Guns

  • Makita 2 Speed Heat Gun 2000w # HG6020


    Makita 2 Speed Heat Gun 2000w # HG6020

      FEATURES• Professional tool with high-spec features for any hot air applications.• Large setting wheel for adjusting temperature• Blower controlled by 3-speed operating switch• Cool air stage for rapid cooling on nozzle...

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    Makita 500° Heat Gun - HG5030K


    Makita 500° Heat Gun - HG5030K

      FEATURES• Up to 500L/min air volume• 2 stage heat and air flow settings• 1,600W* delivering 500°C Max. air temperature SPECIFICATIONS• Air temperature : Stage 1: 350 Degrees Stage 2: 500 Degrees• Air volume Stage...

  • Makita Heat Gun 2000w    #HG6500


    Makita Heat Gun 2000w #HG6500

              FEATURES • Variable temperature control with LCD display • Rubbersied soft grip • Built-in stand • Nozzle ejection       SPECIFICATIONS • Air temperature : 70-650°C ...

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    Metabo Heat Gun (Hot Air) 2,000w.   #HE20-600


    Metabo Heat Gun 2000w - HE20-600

      FEATURES • For dust-free removal of all metal and wood varnished coats • For drying fresh varnished coats and filler compounds • For thawing frozen water pipes etc. • For crimping cable ends • For repairing welding tents,...