Glue Guns

  • Lion Hot Glue Sticks #LT540B1


    Lion Hot Glue Sticks #LT540B1

      • Contains 12 glue sticks 12mm x 253mm(1/2" x 10") Suitable For:• Household products• Packing articles• Wooden furniture• Construction materials• Artificial flowers• Toys

  • Bonus Specials
    Lion Hot Melt Glue Gun - LT540A1


    Lion Hot Melt Glue Gun - LT540A1

      FEATURES• 240V trigger operated• Suits 10mm diameter sticks• For bonding jobs:    - toys and models    - artificial flowers    - decorations    - furniture   ...

  • Metabo Glue Gun - KE3000


    Metabo Glue Gun - KE3000

    FEATURES• For glueing: wood, plastics, carton, glass, ceramic, stone, textiles, cork, leather, metal.... on wood, plastics, concrete, stone, ceramic, metal etc. • Also suitable for sealing and joining and for repairs with hot-melt type...

  • Proxxon Micromot Glue Gun HKP220 - 28192


    Proxxon Micromot Glue Gun HKP220 - 28192

    FEATURES• Quick and reliable gluing of metal, wood, plastic (including Plexiglass), glass, ceramics, stoneware, cardboard, leather, polystyrene foams and textiles. • Depending on the material and on the adhesive quantity applied, the adhesive...