Paslode FrameMaster PowerVent And TrimMaster Gas Gun Twin Pack Kit # S20505

Paslode FrameMaster PowerVent And TrimMaster Gas Gun Twin Pack Kit # S20505

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1 x Paslode PowerVent FrameMaster Li-Ion B20543P
1 x Paslode TrimMaster Li-Ion 16Ga B20721
3 x Paslode 2.2Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries B20543A
1 x Paslode Lithium-Ion Charger
1 x Paslode Tough Carry Case
1 x Safety Glasses & Allen Keys

Paslode PowerVent FrameMaster-Li B20543P

PowerVent Technology (15% more power)
Driving 50-90mm nails in the timber including hardwood and LVL
Innovative Power+ Fuel Cell
Enables high performance in the most extreme climate conditions
New 22Ah Lithium-lon battery
Drives 9,000 nails per full charge
Lightweight Impulse gas technology and low actuation pressure
Reduces operator fatigue

Framing, Decking, Cladding, Eaves, Flooring, Joists, Trusses, roofing, formwork

Fuel Cell Life : 1000 Nails (approx.)
Cycle Rate : 1000/hr (2-3/sec. intermittently)
Length : 310mm
Height : 386mm
Weight : 3.3kg
Fastener Length : 50-90mm
Magazine Capacity : 52 Nails (approx.)

Paslode TrimMaster Li-Ion 16Ga B20721

Drives TrimMaster Angled Brads
Lithium Ion Battery Technology – 50% more shots per charge allowing you to complete the job faster
Battery On/Off Position – locks battery in place when disengaged for safer handling and minimising the need to replace batteries
Angled Magazine – easy to reach tight spaces
Cabinet making, Fix out, Glazing bead, Light trim, Panelling, Shopfitting, Window manufacture

Fuel Cell Life : 1000 Brads
Cycle Rate : 500/hr (2-3sec. intermittently)
Length : 274mm
Height : 292mm
Weight : 2.0kg
Fastener Length : 32-63mm
Magazine Capacity : 100 brads


• 3 key product enhancements to further improve the Impulse FrameMaster-Li’s performance:
• Increase Power - To eliminate standing nails in harder wood types (i.e. old growth timbers & laminated veneer lumbers) and the resulting need to follow up with a hammer to finish nails flush.
• Optimal performance in Extreme Weather - Consistent performance even in freezing temperatures. Tradies want reliable performance in below freezing temperatures without having to warm up their fuel cells.
• Longer Run Time Battery – A longer Run-Time while on site for ongoing productivity and efficiency.

• Additional vents which create less resistance, allowing air to be released until the very last mm of piston stroke
• Power+ Fuel Cells which contain a revised gas mixture
• The additional vents result in more energy transferred to the nail.
• Combined with the more potent fuel mixture, the New FrameMaster-Li provides the required power to drive nails flush, even in hardwood applications including LVL.

• The new Power+ fuel mixture includes gases with lower flashpoints, meaning it will ignite in lower temperatures
• The new mix now ensures consistent performance even in freezing temperatures, which means tradies operating in such conditions no longer need to warm up their fuel cells (e.g. through body heat) prior to operating their tool.

• Battery capacity has been lifted from 1.5Ah to 2.2Ah
• The upgrade now allows the Paslode Li-Ion battery to last for approximately 9,000 shots on a full charge, which provides Tradies with a 50% Longer Run-Time.

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