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Nobex Proman Mitre Saw # PRM-110B

Nobex Proman Mitre Saw # PRM-110B

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• Fast-action Material Clamp that can be fitted in two positions
• Improved Length Stop with material support
• Table length: 350mm  
• Table width: 75mm
• Cutting width @45°: 100mm
• Cutting width @90°: 160mm
• Wall height: 45mm  
• Blade length: 565mm
• Cutting height: 110mm  
• Length stop maximum: 680mm

• Includes 24tpi Blade 

Nobex Proman
• Nobex Proman is the ultimate solution for many tasks where exact mitre cuts are demanded.
• The superior accuracy has given Nobex Proman a world wide reputation of being the only mitre saw that is exact enough for qualified picture framing.
• The stability of the precision-moulded table is a necessity for perfect results.

Low Friction Blade Guides
• The unique low-friction blade guides are very important for the accuracy of Nobex Proman.
• They support the blade very tight from both sides and they follow the up and down movements of the saw in such a way that the teeth of the saw blade cannot touch the guides.

Pre-set locking for Proman
• Nobex Proman has pre-set locking for six important angles in both directions and the angle-setting is fast and simple.

Fast Action Clamp for Proman
• The patented fast action clamp with elastic rubber-foot can be mounted in two positions, with the option to press from the front or obliquely from above.

Smart Saw Suspension
• Proman is equipped with a smart saw suspension which allows safe positioning of the work-piece.
• The saw is automatically released when the sawing starts.

Telescopic Length Stop
• The saw is equipped with a telescopic length-stop.
• It also works as a support for long work-pieces when the stop lug is removed.
• Nobex Proman comes with a Swedish quality blade with 24TPI, which is ideal for very fine cuts.
• Blades with toothings for plastic, metal and fast cutting of wood are available.

Warranty Information

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3 Reviews

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    Nobex Proman

    Posted by Derek Lark on 20th Dec 2017

    Arrived really quickly after order. Goes together pretty easily despite the very average instructions. The spring loaded timber clamp is pretty awful and doesn't hold nearly hard enough, but is good enough for set up and then you can clamp up a bit easier. The deck has about a 1.5 mm fall from the middle at each end. Not convinced that is part of the design or a flaw just yet. Cuts are smooth and it is easy to change angles.


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    Precise but slow cutting

    Posted by Thuy Kenny on 11th Aug 2017

    I first experienced using the saw at a Bunnings DIY session. It was my first time using a mitre saw, I couldn't manage it as well as the instructor but was quite taken by its precise cutting so I ordered one. Assembling the main body was OK but it took me several hours to assemble the clamp and testing the unit. It took me a long time to set up the clamp as there was no helpful instruction apart from the picture. The holes to thread the clamp were too small, like previous reviewer, I had to drill the holes bigger.
    The next frustrating part was the washer for the centre bolt was so badly buckled - poor quality control! Despite my attempt to flatten it, I could not. Because of the bucked washer, the plate was very wobbly and the preset locking at frequently used angles did not work. I eventually had to go out buying a washer to replace the faulty washer. It worked fine after that.
    Assembling and getting the unit to finally work took several hours. After a week using it, I still can't get the clamp to work properly. The spring doesn't seem to provide any tension so the clamp just sits loosely and can move at a slight touch, which is useless. So I leave out the clamp.
    I was lucky to have had an hour session at Bunnings DIY so I was able to get the saw to work satisfactorily despite all the above frustration. The cutting is precise but I get tired very quickly since without the clamp, I have to hold the timber with one hand and saw with the other. Occasionally I had to realign the timber. Manufacturer's claims about the clamp mounting in different positions was therefore not valid. I also found the cutting very slow even with a brand new blade. It takes a long time to cut through a small segment of pine. A simple job seems to take a long time.
    Overall, I am happy with the precise cutting but the poor clamp and slow cutting have taken away some of the enjoyment that I was hoping to get.
    Suggest manufacturer to improve assembly instructions and some quality control of parts. Initially I thought that the poor quality maybe due to 'Made in China", but the writing on the box says "Made in Spain"!!!

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    " superior accuracy " - Doubtful

    Posted by Bill Buchanan on 31st May 2017

    The assembly instructions were vague - what I might expect from a cheaper Chinese product.
    The "patented fast action clamp with elastic rubber-foot can be mounted in two positions" could not be easily mounted since some of the holes provided for its insertion were too small. I was obliged to drill the holes slightly larger. There were 2 pieces left over - possible from the fast action clamp but I could not see where they fitted. I eventually threaded the steel rod and used spacers and a wing nut to tighten the clamp on the job.
    Re the manual, I contacted the Swedish makers and they replied "We will pay attention to this when we update the manual." I also sent a subsequent e-mail regarding the fast action clamp, with a phot, and they have not as yet replied.

    When part of an engineered package is doubtful - especially when parts do not fit, one must also doubt the quality of engineering.