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Milwaukee Redlithium High Output 12.0Ah Starter Pack # M18HOSP-121B

Milwaukee Redlithium High Output 12.0Ah Starter Pack # M18HOSP-121B

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Milwaukee M18 High Output 12.0Ah Battery Pack M18HB12
• The High Output 12.0 Ah battery utilises new-to-world cell technology that provide a massive leap in the overall power and capabilities of the pack.
• To take full advantage of the high-power cells, Milwaukee advanced the power delivery system and communication in the pack electronics, driving system compatibility.
• These advancements will help deliver maximum performance on a range of new M18 Fuel products, as well as elevate the performance of the entire M18 system, providing faster application speeds and fade-free power through the full discharge.
• In addition, this massive increase in power made it critical that Milwaukee minimised heat generation through lower impedance cells and optimised pack construction.
• This results in the pack delivering 50% more power and running 50% cooler than the 9.0 Ah battery, so users can work harder and longer than ever before without the need to worry about overheating the pack.

• Voltage : 18V
• Amp Hours : 12.0 Ah
• Weight : 1.6 kg

Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station to suit M12 and M18 M12-18FC
• Charges all Milwaukee ® batteries up to 40% faster.
• Charges all M12 and M18 batteries.
• Sequential charging.
• REDLINK intelligence communicates directly with the battery.
• REDLINK monitors cell voltage and temperature.
• REDLINK charges to optimise the performance, protect and extend the life of the battery.

• Voltage : 12V & 18V
• Weight (tool only) : 0.77 kg

2 Year 'Australia Wide' Warranty

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