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Milwaukee M18 Cordless Lithium Ion Aluminium Barrel Caulking Gun Kit #C18PCG600A-201B

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Lithium Ion Aluminium Barrel Caulking Gun Kit #C18PCG600A-201B

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Features & Benefits
• Bead Control - Feed rate must be easily controlled by dial.
• The M18™ Caulk Gun must have the auto-reverse feature to prevent dripping.
• Carriage Swivel - The M18™ Caulk Gun must have a carriage that swivels 360 degrees. • This will help the user apply caulking around corners and in confined areas.
• The ™ Caulk Gun  should come fully assembled with the exception of any nozzles that may come with the kits.
• This increase in force will allow for a smoother, more consistent bead in cold weather End User The M18 weather.
• Teeth of plunger rod must cleanly pass through the gun. This process is too difficult on current caulk guns.
• Adhesive Dispensing Power - Ability to expel high viscosity materials. This will be measured by the force of the plunger rod in in lbs. & P.S.I. at the temperatures outlined in the test plan.
• The M18™ Caulk Gun should have greater pushing force than the COX 82010 unit. This pushing force is needed for automotive urethanes and other high viscosity adhesives.

• Lock Button Position - The lock button should be moved from the current position.In the current location, the user unintentionally locks the tool. 
• Battery Orientation - In order to help with balance and clearance issues, the battery pack should be turned around. 
• 6 setting maximum speed dial
• Variable Speed Trigger
• Constant flow technology
• Anti drip mechanism

• Dispensing force : 107.5Nm
• No load speed : 0 - 540 mm/min
• Cage carriage : 310 ml 
• Size : 71.1mm x 28.5mm x 830mm
• Includes: 1 x 18v 2.0ah RedLithium Battery & Charger


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