Milwaukee 1-1/2" Switchblade™ Selfeed Bit.   #48-25-5125

Milwaukee 1-1/2" Switchblade™ Selfeed Bit. #48-25-5125

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• The Milwaukee® 1-1/2” SwitchBlade™ Selfeed Bit drills up to 12% faster and delivers up to 2X longer life.
• Designed for any trade that demands repetitive cutting of large holes in wood, SwitchBlade bits allow you to remove and replace blades rather than resharpen.
• You get a new bit with every quick, convenient change of the hardened steel blade, and less downtime on the job.
• An aggressive feed screw design enables the bit to pull through quickly for faster drilling.
• Built to last and designed to perform, Milwaukee SwitchBlade Selfeed bits deliver more holes for the money.
• Switchblade Selfeed bits are designed for drilling holes in all types of wood for pipe, vents, gas lines, and bulk wire routing. 
• This innovative replaceable blade system provides maximum productivity by eliminating downtime and the cost to resharpen.
• Aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through the wood faster, resulting in faster drilling. 
• Replacement blades are made with hardened steel to increase bit life. 
• Each bit comes standard with a second replacement blade allowing the bit to cut like new again. 
• Available in the sizes that plumbers, HVAC contractors, and electricians use most frequently.
• Superior performance: Blades are easily replaced to provide a new bit on demand
• Faster drilling: Aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through wood faster
• Longer bit life: Replaceable blades are made of hardened steel
• Easy size reference: Bit and blades are engraved for quick and easy size identification

• Shank 7/16" Hex
• Type Wood Boring Bits
• Diameter 1-1/2"
• Style SwitchBlade™
• 1 x Switchblade Selfeed bit
• 2 x replaceable blades
• 2 x feed screws
• 2 x set screws 
• 1 x Hex wrench

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