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Metabo 230mm (9") Angle Grinder MVT 2400w - Soft Start/Quick Nut  #WE24-230MVT-QUICK

Metabo 230mm (9") Angle Grinder MVT 2400w # WE24-230MVT-QUICK

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Ultimate productivity
Maximum safety
Best ergonomics
No Compromise

• Metabo Marathon motor with patented dust protection for long service life
• Metabo safety switch prevents unintentional start
• Deadman switch for high user protection
• Starting current limitation with soft-start prevents the actuation of the lock on start-up
• Electronic safety shutdown of the motor if the grinding disc jams for safe working
• No-volt release switch: prevents unintentional startup after power cut
• Electronic overload protection for long service life
• LED signal on triggered no-volt release switch or overheating
• Metabo "Quick" for changing discs by means of quick-adjusting nut
• Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proofed
• Metabo VibraTech (MVT): integrated damping system and side handle to reduce vibrations in order to protect the user's health
• Side handle can be mounted at three positions
• Swivelling main handle: High safety and better handling when cutting

• Grinding wheel Ø 230 mm
• Rated input power 2.400 W
• Output power 1.600 W
• Idle revolution 6.600 /min
• Revolutions at rated load 4.600 /min
• Torque 17 Nm
• Weight (without power cable) 5,8 kg
• Cable length 4 m
• Item number: 6.06470.19

• Guard
• Inner support flange
• Quick-adjusting nut
• Side Handle Metabo VibraTech (MVT)


Patented Metabo Disc Brake
Fastest brake system for highest user protection (2 sec.)

Extremely quick, tool-less disc change
Works always and under all conditions:
     1. Switch off machine
     2. Press red M-Quick spindle button when the disc is near to stopping
     3. The Quick adjusting nut loosens automatically by half a turn.

Metabo S-automatic Safety Clutch
No kickback when the disc jams
You can continue to work immediately after the disc jams
Unique at Metabo since 1966

50 % less hand-arm vibration
Longer service life of the machine
Double tool life of the grinding discs

All Watt classes are available in two switch variants (locking switch and deadman switch)
Motor housing for all switch variants can be rotated at steps of 90 degrees for left or right handed use

Restart protection
Adjustable speed for any application (Vario Tacho Constamatic)
Constant speed under load for quick working progress
Soft start/startup current limitation
Overload protection

Metabo Marathon-Motor
Proven for decades
Highest overload capacity
Highest power density
Maximum durability

Ventilation System
Convenient ventilation away from the body grip area
Maximum protection of the motor from overheating and overload

Metabo dust protection grid
Longer motor service life due to the new improved Metabo dust protection grid

Our power tools have a particularly long service life. Since repairs are so rarely required, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you - the XXL-warranty.
If you register, the normal warranty is extended to 3 years.
Prerequisite is the sales receipt together with the XXL warranty certificate that you can generate after registering your machines.
You can register within the first 4 weeks after the purchase.

Warranty Information

Warranty Claims Just Tools will honour all warranties as offered by each manufacturer (as per above details) Please fill in your warranty card or register online if required on the purchase of any product. All warranty claims can be dealt with at your closest authorised repair agent or dealer. A copy of your proof of purchase (Tax Invoice) will be required for all warranty claims. If tools are returned to Just Tools for Warranty claims, the end user is responsible for the freight charge for return of the item, however, once the warranty repair is complete, the items will be dispatched at the cost of Just Tools.