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Metabo 190mm Circular Saw.   #KS66

Metabo 190mm Circular Saw. #KS66

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• Metabo S-automatic safety clutch: protection for user and saw
• Fully enclosed base plate for reliable support
• Clearly visible cut indicator for sawing along a marked-out line
• Cut indicator is precisely adjustable
• Accurate bevel cuts up to 45°
• Safety lock prevents the switch being pressed accidentally
• Optimum sawdust ejection. No clogging of the tool with sawdust.
• Tungsten carbide-tipped saw blade (14 teeth)
• Easy saw blade change due to spindle lock
• Saw blade angle to the base plate adjustable for maximum cutting accuracy
• Dynamic lubrication system for long service life of the reduction gear
• Sawdust extraction nozzle, to which a Metabo vacuum extractor can be connected.
• Rotatable and lockable extraction nozzle
• Auto-stop carbon brushes
• Dead-straight cuts, accurate to the millimetre, with the precision guide rail 6.31250, available as an accessory

Technical Specifications
• Cutting depth adjustment range 0-66 mm
• Max. cutting depth at a blade angle of 90°     66 mm
• Max. cutting depth at a blade angle of 45° 47 mm
• Saw blade diameter 190 mm
• Diameter of saw blade mount 30 mm
• Torque 9 Nm
• Speed at no load 4000 rpm
• Rated input 1400 W  (240 Volt)
• Power output 800 W
• Speed at rated load 2800 rpm
• Cutting speed at rated load 28 m/s
• Tool weight 5.5 kg



• Our power tools have a particularly long service life. Since repairs are so rarely required, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you - the XXL-warranty.
• If you register, the normal warranty is extended to 3 years. 
• Prerequisite is the sales receipt together with the XXL warranty certificate that you can generate after registering your machines.
• You can register within the first 4 weeks after the purchase.


Warranty Information

Warranty Claims Just Tools will honour all warranties as offered by each manufacturer (as per above details) Please fill in your warranty card or register online if required on the purchase of any product. All warranty claims can be dealt with at your closest authorised repair agent or dealer. A copy of your proof of purchase (Tax Invoice) will be required for all warranty claims. If tools are returned to Just Tools for Warranty claims, the end user is responsible for the freight charge for return of the item, however, once the warranty repair is complete, the items will be dispatched at the cost of Just Tools.