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Leica Rugby CLA and CLX700 Combo Rotating Laser Level Li-ion # LG6012284

Leica Rugby CLA & CLX700 + Combo Rotating Laser Level Li-ion # LG6012284

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• The maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs is vital for your projects.
• With the Leica Rugby CLA you can upgrade your lasers to match your application needs.
• You pay for the functionality you need to do your job without paying for the extra features that you don’t use.
• With additional professional services such as repair and calibration you can secure your laser’s exceptional performance for many years.
• With the unique capability to adapt to any application needs through software upgrades, the Leica Rugby CLA is the first upgradable laser to maximised productivity and performance on-site.

• Base unit - Use it as a simple to operate, one-button horizontal laser for concrete and formwork levelling, height checking and transferring, and land levelling applications.

• CLX 600 – adding +-15% fully automatic grade functionality in single axis with a dial-in option, the upgrade delivers the most reliable performance in single slope applications

CLX 600 Upgrade

• Functionality : Horizontal, Vertical, & Dial-In Single Grade
• Grade : Dial-In Single Grade,
• Fully Automatic to 15% - Fully-Automatic Dial-In Slopes in X Axis:
• Applications : Driveways & Ramps

• Rugby Laser : Rugby CLA
• Warranty : 5Y / 2Y knockdown
• Grade capability* (X/Y Axes) : ±15%
• Self-levelling accuracy** : ± 1.5mm at 30m
• Self-levelling range : ±6°
• Operating range with Combo, Rod Eye 140/160 : 1350m (diameter)
• Remote range : 600m (diameter)
• Laser class : 2
• Environmental standard : IP68 /MIL-STD-810G
• Operating temperature : -20°C to +50°C
• Storage temperature : -40°C to +70°C
• Rotation speed : 0,2,5,10,15,20 RPS
• Dimensions (H × W × D) : 230mm, 296mm, 212mm
• Weight with batteries : 3.8Kg

• Leica Rugby CLA & CLX600
• Li-Ion battery
• Charger
• Carry case

Warranty Information

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