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Kincrome Kickstart II Batteryless Jump Starter and Charger 800A - KP8001

Kincrome Kickstart II Batteryless Jump Starter & Charger 800A - KP8001

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• Kincrome's new Kickstart II range of Batteryless Jump Starters have just arrived.
• Featuring ultra-capacitor technology, these jump starters are maintenance free meaning they have no internal battery, so they never need to be charged during storage.
• The KP8001 Batteryless Jump Starter also features a unique battery charger function, allowing you to recharge your flat battery after you kickstart your vehicle to get home.
• The KP8001 Kincrome include a unique Kincrome designed Heavy Duty Protective Rubber Cover to protect the unit, as well as your engine components.
• The KP8001 features 400A Start & 800A Peak Cranking capacity and a Glow Plug mode allowing the starter to be used on both Petrol & cold starting Diesel vehicles.
• There is included Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity Protection keeping your vehicles electrical components safe during operation.
• The KP8001 features a Cranking current of 400A, it is suitable for warm Petrol Vehicles up to 5.0L and Diesels up to 3.0L.
• Another unique feature to the Kincrome Kickstart II is the built in LCD showing the vehicles battery voltage.
• The Kincrome KP8001 Kickstart II 2 in 1 Batteryless Jumpstarter/Charger is the perfect addition for all small vehicles in an emergency situation.
• Have one in hand at all times when you’re camping, boating or just in your car for the holidays.
• The small lightweight unit, can easily fit into the glovebox, boot or storage areas within the vehicle.
• Suitable for Charging: SLA, AGM, GEL, SMF, WET Batteries (Not Suitable for Charging: Calcium, Lithium Batteries)

• Jump starts petrol and diesel vehicles, motorcycles & equipment (up to 400CCA battery rating)
• Built in LCD, displays the vehicles battery voltage, charging outputs and precharge details
• Double as a 12V DC battery charger
• Ideal for emergencies: camping, boating & holidays
• Heavy duty protective rubber cover
• 10,000+ Starts
• Recharge via 12 volt battery in approximately 2 minutes

• Starting Current 12V DC - 400A
• Peak Current 12V DC - 800A
• Lifetime >10,000 Cycles
• Ambient Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 65°C (-40°F ~ 149°F)
• Output 12V DC 5A (Battery Charger Mode)
• Output 15V DC 2A (240v Power Adaptor)
• Measurements 210 x 129 x 54MM
• Weight 1.19KG
• Consecutive Cranking 8 Sessions (max)
• Interval Between Cranking 15 Minutes (min)
• Recharge Approx. 2 min (via 12V DC Battery)
• Recharge Approx. 2.5 min (via 12V Socket)
• Recharge Approx. 30 min (via DC 5V 2A USB)
• Recharge Approx. 7 min (via Power Adaptor)

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