Kincrome 5pce Metric Flare Nut Spanner Set #K3061

Kincrome 5pce Metric Flare Nut Spanner Set #K3061

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The KINCROME Spanner Range
The new range of Kincrome Spanners has undergone exhaustive independent testing is now 80% stronger than the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard) and 130% stronger than the German DIN standard. The stronger, lighter and greatly enhanced quality of the Kincrome spanner range leaves many name brand competitors in its wake. 
Improved features include a thinner head allowing the spanner to reach tighter areas, a rounder shaft for a more comfortable grip when applying greater torque, a lighter weight, and the shorter length decreases radial movement by up to 20%. 
Construction of the new range is from forged Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V) hardened, tempered and chrome plated with a slight satin finish for corrosion protection. Increased Molybdenum Manganese and Nickel content provide greater strength and corrosion resistance. 
The new range is presented in innovative cylindrical packaging or traditional colour boxes. This sets our Spanners apart at the point of sale and maximises retailer’s shelf space. 
Manufacturing Materials
• CHROME VANADIUM STEEL – Forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V) hardened, tempered and chrome plated with a light satin finish for corrosion protection. 
• SULPHUR – Our Spanner range has minimal sulpher content compared to other manufacturers. This is a benefit, as sulpher is an atmospheric pollutant, and therefore Kincrome is helping to save the environment. 
• MANGANESE – Our Spanner range has over 1000% more manganese than other brands. Manganese improves the strength, toughness, stiffness, hardness and wear resistance of steel. 
• NICKEL – Our Spanner range has 3 times more nickel than other brands. Nickel assists in making steel corrosion resistant. 
• MOLYBDENUM – Our Spanner range contains 100% more Molybdenum than other brands. Molybdenum improves the strength of steel at high temperatures
• Metric Sizes : 10mm x 11mm, 12mm x 13mm, 13mm x 14mm, 15mm x 17mm, 19mm x 22mm 
• Forged from Chrome Vanadium Steel (Cr-V), hardened, tempered, chrome plated and polished with light satin finish for corrosion protection. 
• Designed for use on compression nuts fitted on petrol, diesel injection pipes and hydraulic gas or refrigeration systems, brake lines and hoses.

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