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KeySmart Aluminium Compact Key Holder - AKS019

KeySmart Aluminium Compact Key Holder - AKS019

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• Compact, lightweight and hassle-free replacement for your keyring
• This award winning and patented compact key holder is the perfect pocket organiser and minimalist key ring.
• Incredibly versatile with a wide selection of accessories, the KeySmart key organisers are expandable to your needs.
• Made with aircraft-grade aluminium, stainless steel hardware and laser engraved logo, the smooth finished edge gives the KeySmart a premium feel and look.

• Available in Colours: Black, Red & Blue

• Holds up to 8 keys (more with expansion packs)
• Compact size is smaller than a pack of gum
• Universal, will fit almost any key found at your local hardware store
• Ultra strong and can withstand anything your life throws at it.
• Eliminates any key jingle
• Hides the jagged teeth while exposing the smooth back of the keys for easy access
• Includes polished loop for car fobs
• Sturdy loop also included for car fobs and larger items
• Stops your keys jingling loudly in your pocket
• Extra-portable size


KeySmart is a frustration-free solution to the conventional problems of carrying a keyring.

• Instead of your keys dangling loosely from a chain, they're smartly hidden away inside the KeySmart's durable yet compact frame, ready to be produced when they're needed.

Space for up to 8 keys, as well as USB memory sticks and more
• Home, work, car, perhaps a personal safe or storage space...these are just four things you'd need keys for, but the KeySmart has space for up to eight, so there are virtually limitless possibilities as to the combination of keys you can carry.
• Of course, you're not just limited to conventional keys.
• Maybe your workplace has a state-of-the-art electronic lock system, or maybe you want to carry a crucial USB memory stick for work.
• Both of these objects would be ideal to fit inside the KeySmart.

Sturdy loop also included for car fobs and larger items
• Whether you need a fob for unlocking your car or have a larger key than KeySmart can accommodate, don't worry - this handy holder also includes a larger loop for attaching slightly more unwieldy items.

Stops your keys jingling loudly in your pocket
• The noise of your keys jingling away as you walk can be annoying, not just for you, but for those around you as well.
• KeySmart eliminates this sound pollution and keeps things quiet thanks to a clever form factor which maximises space and minimises size.

Extra-portable size
• You can take KeySmart anywhere with you - to work, to the gym, on a business trip or holiday, while shopping - as this great gadget is only 85mm long.
• KeySmart really will completely replace your conventional keyring, and you won't miss the bulk or extra noise generated.

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