Stud Finders

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    HLP Infra-Red Thermometer # HLP-IR160-F Quick view


    HLP Infra-Red Thermometer # HLP-IR160-F

      FEATURES• Commercial grade digital infra-red thermometer with laser pointer for contact point accuracy. • The thermometer features a 'gun style' handgrip for easy use (with trigger operation) and • Includes a bright laser pointer...

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    Stanley Smart Measure Pro # STHT1-77366 Quick view


    Stanley Smart Measure Pro # STHT1-77366

    FEATURES• Time is Money. Save it with the Smart Measure Pro. • The STANLEY Smart Measure Pro is a tool and app that immediately provides accurate measurements of areas photographed in images taken on mobile devices. • This time saving...

  • Stanley Stud Sensor # 77-050 Quick view


    Stanley Stud Sensor # 77-050

    FEATURES• Detects wooden/metal studs behind walls up to 19mm /3/4"• 1 power LED (green) and 1 LED (red) to indicate stud edge detection• Marking Channel to mark edge stud• Auto calibration• Soft grip design• Red light when...