Nail Pullers

  • Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers. #HL1121


    Excalibur Extractor Nail Pliers - HL1121

     FEATURES• Remove slender or damaged, short or long, headed or smooth, nails, tacks, screws, staples and other fasteners, in a single easy motion. • The large curved heel enables nails to be easily pulled through with minimal damage to the...

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    Stanley 10" Double Ended Nail Puller. #55.114


    Stanley 10" Double Ended Nail Puller # 55-114

    • 10" Double ended nail puller • Forged high-carbon steel • Heat-treated for durablity • Polished, beveled claws allow precision nail pulling and prying • Flat striking face allows claw to be driven under deeply embedded nails

  • Stanley 12" Wonderbar® Pry Bar. #55.515


    Stanley 12" Wonderbar Pry Bar # 55-515

      Features:• Forged high carbon steel • Heat treated for extra toughness with polished and beveled cutting edges • Contoured bar is ideal for pulling nails, prying, lifting and scraping • Beveled nail slot both ends...

  • Stanley 15" Super Wonder Bar Pry Bar # 55-525


    Stanley 15" Super Wonder Bar Pry Bar # 55-525

    FEATURES• Extra long length for extra reach and more leverage • Tightly radiused bend angle for more precise positioning • Extra long tongue for better grip and longer reach for hard-to-get-at places • Arch in center of bar gives...

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    Stiletto 8.5oz Titanium Nail Puller #TICLW-12


    Stiletto 8.5oz Titanium Nail Puller # TICLW-12

      FEATURES• Our Titanium Clawbar Nail Puller with the patented Dimpler creates a recess around the nail head allowing the claws to slide underneath, reducing the chance of chipping the wood. • The Clawbar is 5 times stronger than Steel...