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General Digital Multimeter with LED & Continuity Beeper - GENDMM830HS

General Digital Multimeter with LED & Continuity Beeper - GENDMM830HS

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• Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current resistance, continuity, diode integrity, transistor (current gain) 20 ranges
• 3-1/2-digit LCD
• Red LED identifies hot side lead
• Continuity Beeper with Red Lead
• Ground disconnect check circuit

• AC Voltage: 220V , 750V (2 Ranges)
• DC Voltage: 2V to 1000V (4 Ranges)
• DC Current: 200uA to 10A (5 Ranges)
• Resistance: 200O to 2MO (5 Ranges)
• Power Source: 1 "9V" battery (included)
• Test leads
• Transistor hFE: NPN, PNP (2 Ranges)
• Diode Test

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