Festool TS55R Plunge Circular Saw Guide Rail Systainer 561655 # TS55-REBQ-PLUS-FS

Festool TS55R Plunge Circular Saw + Guide Rail + Systainer (561655) # TS55-REBQ-PLUS-FS

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• Power consumption :  1200 W
• Idle speed : 2000 - 5000 rpm
• Saw blade diameter : 160mm
• Inclination : -1°/+47°
• Cutting depth : 0 - 55mm
• Cutting depth at 45 degrees :  0 - 43mm
• Cutting from edge- Min : 12mm
• Dust extraction connection : 27-36mm
• Guide Rail 1400mm
& New Systainer included
• Weight 4.5kg
• The TS55 plunge saw system offers the user many benefits with a variety of different applications.
• It has been in the Festool range for many years and with each new model, has offered further benefits in making the job at hand faster and easier.
• The plunge saw now has a completely flat side, enabling it to cut up to 12mm close to a vertical surface. 
• This is great for trimming floor boards or skirting board in situ.
• Another useful feature is the dual depth scale that now allows for the guiderail depth, as well as for cuts without the rails.
• The saw will now also bevel between -1° and 47°, making scribe cuts and back cuts much easier.
• Seeing exactly where the blade is cutting is now possible with the clear 'viewing window' which is also the chip protector for the right side of the blade.
• Festool have completely re-engineered the saw body to greatly improve efficiency of dust extraction, which is boosted even further when using the ABSA cover
• Wide range of accessories that can be used with the Festool plunge saw system, including clamps, splinter guards, kickback stops and bevels.
• Quick and easy saw blade change thanks to FastFix, enabling cuts of different materials.
• Power and MMC (Multi-Material-Control) gives complete control and perfect cut quality when cutting different materials and thicknesses.
• The attachable splinter guard ensures cuts are completely splinter free on both sides
• Guard on both sides of the cut (now even improved for angled cuts as well).
• Fast set up of the guide rail system compared to conventional cutting processes.
• Complete system with dust extraction – dust free cuts protect health and save clean-up time.
• All that, and it is still completely compatible with the existing guide rail and all of its accessories. 
• Plunge-cut saw TS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS 240V (576004)
• Carbide tooth saw blade W48, g
• Guide Rail 1400mm FS 1400/2 
• Splinter guard
• Viewing window
3 Year 'Australia Wide' Warranty


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