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Festool Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTAC 15 Litre + Cleaning Set (574866) # CT15E-HEPA

Festool Mobile Dust Extractor CLEANTAC 15 Litre + Cleaning Set (574866) # CT15E-HEPA

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• The specialist for cleaning work
• Ideal for cleaning on worksites, in workshops and in offices:
• With a container capacity of 15l,
• The CLEANTEC CT 15 vacuums up dust, dirt and water.
• Its design allows the full container capacity to be used almost completely – for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag.
• Comes standard with the HEPA filter for enhanced filtration
• Perfect for mobile work with its compact dimensions, low weight and sturdy wheels
• Touch control for intuitive dust extractor operation
• The main filter can be changed easily from outside
• Cleaning accessories come included as standard and are stowed on the dust extractor
• Container/ filter bag capacity 15 l
• Flat storage area – ideal for temporary storage of work materials
• Main applications - For cleaning offices, workshops, garages, motor vehicles and construction sites Pplus Absorbing water
• Festool dust extractors are fitted with a circuit breaker for safety when a connected load of 1200 watts is exceeded.
• Some tools that draw higher wattage can trigger the circuit breaker and if initiated requires the dust extractor to be turned off and then on again to reset.
• When requiring to use larger wattage tools with dust extraction it is recommended the tool is operated off a separate outlet and a • Bluetooth system can then be used to switch the dust extractor on and off as required.
• When using tools it is recommended you always use the correct consumable for best results as even lower wattage tools can trip the circuit breaker if the system isn’t matched to the application. (e.g.: saw blade not matched to material)

• Maximum Airflow (litres per minute) : 3700.00 l/min
• Maximum Vacuum (Pa) : 24000.00 Pa
• Filter Surface Area (cm2) : 3369.00 cm²
• Container/Filter Bag Capacity (litres) : 15/12.5 l
• Power Consumption (W or kW) : 350 – 1 200 W
• Mains Cable : Rubber Insulated
• Mains Cable Length (m) : 5.00 m
• Dimensions - L x W x H (mm) : 470 x 320 x 430 mm
• Weight (kg) : 10.80 kg

• Suction hose Ø 27/32 x 3.5 m
• Basic Cleaning set
• Crevice nozzle D 36 FD-150
• Upholstery nozzle D 36 PD




Cleaning accessories included

With the CT 15, the crevice and upholstery nozzle cleaning accessories come included in the standard package and can be stowed in the dust extractor.

Touch control

Intuitive touch control panel instead of knobs and dials – perfectly easy to operate, even with gloves and in dirty environments.

Filter replacement from outside

Quick, easy and tool-free


CLEANTEC Connection System
Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.
Speed control for adjusting to the working material.


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