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Festool Domino 500 Connector Range in Systainer DF500 - 203170

Festool Domino 500 Connector Range in Systainer (DF500) - 203170

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• Perfect furniture and cabinet connections faster
• For use with the DOMINO DF 500 Joining Machine.
• The Domino connection Systainer provides all parts of the Domino 500 connector system including all the D8 connectors, the associated drill template, the hinge location cutter and the cover caps.
• DOMINO connector fasteners allow you to smoothly assemble and disassemble furniture panels and more with minimal time and effort.
• The connectors' large tightening distance and long bolts make furniture assembly significantly easier.
• Cupboard assembly is therefore no problem, and you can do it easily on your own.
• The flush-screwed fixture elements protect each furniture component from being scratched.
• Routing and cutting tolerances of up to 1.4 mm are compensated for without problems by the fixture.
• The new detachable DOMINO basic structure connectors and furniture connectors are perfectly suited for a panel thickness of 18 mm to 28 mm.

• 70 x Domino 500 Corner Connector KV D8
• 20 x Domino 500 LR32 Corner Connector KV-LR32 D8
• 10 x Domino 500 Centre Panel Connector MSV D8
• 10 x Domino 500 LR32 Centre Panel Connector MSV...
• 50 x Cover Caps Dark Brown
• 50 x Cover Caps Silver
• 50 x Cover Caps White
• 50 x Cover Caps Grey
• Domino Beech Tenons 8 mm x 36 mm
• Domino 500 Drilling Template 15 mm
• Domino 500 Hinge Location Cutter 15 mm
• Screwdriver
• Systainer SYS 1 T-Loc


Domino 500 Connectors
Produce quick and easy joins
All joints can be produced quickly and easily with the DOMINO DF 500 Joining Machine.
Stable yet detachable
Because of its high tolerance compensation and high stability, the stable yet detachable DOMINO joining system enables seamless assembly and disassembly of a piece of furniture – both in the workshop and at the customer's site.
Domino 500 Connectors
Work error free
Produce a detachable corner joint easily. Use the drill template with a dust extractor to specify the exact position and depth of the drilled hole.
Domino 500 Connectors
Everything you need
The Domino 500 Connector Range contains all DOMINO D8 connectors. The ideal way to get started with the DOMINO 500 system.
Domino 500 Connectors
Different material thicknesses - No problem
All material thickness between 18 mm and 28 mm can be machined effortlessly with the connectors.
Domino 500 Connectors
Different coloured caps
Caps are available in 4 different colours. Brown, Silver, White and Grey.

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