Festool CENTROTEC 65mm Locking Bit Holder #492648

Festool CENTROTEC 65mm Locking Bit Holder #492648

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• 2 9/16in Magnetic Bit Holder with quick release collar enables use of standard bits with Centrotec Chuck.
• The Centrotec shank is designed for use with the Festool Centrotec System, as well as with all standard or keyless chucks for no-slip performance. 
• The Centrotec System was designed to provide a seamless transfer of force, eliminating bit slippage or marring of the drill bit. 
• The weight of the drill is reduced by nearly ½ pound, and the length is reduced by nearly 1-1/2” with the Centrotec System. Most importantly, the Centrotec system 
offers a quicker and more secure means of bit change than any other quick-change chuck system.
• C 12 Cordless Drill/Driver
• C 15 Cordless Drill/Driver
• CDD 12 ES Cordless Drill/Driver
• CDD 12 FX Cordless Drill/Driver
• CDD 9.6 ES Cordless Drill/Driver
• CDD 9.6 FX Cordless Drill/Driver
• CXS Cordless Drill/Driver
• T 12 Cordless Drill/Driver
• T 15 Cordless Drill/Driver
• T 18 Cordless Drill/Driver
• TDD 14.4 Cordless Drill/Driver
• TDD 9.6 Cordless Drill/Driver
• TDK 12 Cordless Drill/Driver
• TDK 15 Cordless Drill/Driver
• TI 15 Impact Driver

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