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Festool 4.5l L-Class HEPA Dust Extractor 576742 # CTL-SYS-HEPA

Festool 4.5l L-Class HEPA Dust Extractor 576742 # CTL-SYS-HEPA

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• Cleanliness has never been so compact
• The extractor in SYSTAINER format
• Inspirational all round and in every little detail.
• The CTL SYS Systainer dust extractor demonstrates yet again what the name Festool stands for: High functionality, excellent performance and easy operation.
• Everything is as it should be.
• In short: Perfect preconditions for achieving perfect results.

• For dust with limit values > 1 mg/m³
• Ideal for mobile use in fitting and servicing work
• Integral automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for extraction from electric power tools
• Ideally suited to smaller-scale grinding, sawing and drilling jobs
• Ideal for final clean-up

• Maximum Airflow (litres per minute) : 3,000 l/min
• Maximum Vacuum (Pa) : 20,000 Pa
• Filter Surface Area (cm2) : 5,357 cm2
• Container/Filter Bag Capacity (litres) : 4.5 L / 3.5 L
• Power Consumption (W or kW) : 1,000 W
• Auto Clean Function : No
• Dust Approval Rating : Dust Class L - low risk dust
• Mains Cable : Rubber Insulated
• Mains Cable Length (m) : 5 m
• Dimensions - L x W x H (mm) : 396 x 296 x 270 mm
• Weight (kg) : 6.90 kg

• CTL SYS Dust Extractor
• Selfclean Filter Bag
• Antistatic Suction Hose D27 /32 x3.0 m
• Upholstery Nozzle D36
• Crevice Nozzle D36
• SYS-TG Shoulder Strap
• SYS-Dock with T-LOC Function
• Integrated Hose Garage





Strong suction power in Systainer format

The CLEANTEC CTL SYS is the ideal companion for fast and mobile use for smaller installation and service tasks: Extremely compact, lightweight, quiet and able to be connected to the Systainer system and used for extracting dust from power tools.

Easy to transport in fewer trips

Thanks to the shoulder strap supplied with it, the CTL SYS is easy to carry, leaving your hands free for any other materials or tools you might need.

Compact and always tidy

The removable hose holder ensures that nothing protrudes and you do not get caught on any parts when transporting the CTL SYS. The CTL SYS is also ready to use at all times because the hose is already connected to the extractor.

Easy to empty

The dust box in the extractor can be removed and reinserted easily at the touch of a button for cleaning or changing the filter.

Mobile dust extractor

When combined with the SYS cart, the CTL SYS is provided with a set of wheels, allowing it to follow you with the cumulative suction power of the 1000 W turbine virtually every step of the way.

Sophisticated, convenient and compact

Whether you are working with tools or carrying out a final clean with a floor cleaning set, the removable hose holder and shoulder strap help make working as convenient as possible.

Easy to transport

Carrying the CTL SYS leaves you with both hands free because it can be carried conveniently over your shoulder using the shoulder strap. It also comes with another benefit in that the shoulder strap can be attached either to the hose holder or to the extractor.

Spotless, right down to the very last corner

The CTL SYS has an integrated crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle always close to hand for a clean finish, even in hard-to-reach places.

Automatic dust extraction

The appliance socket with automatic switch-on/off activates the CTL SYS as soon as you start up a connected power tool. It can also be switched to manual mode for cleaning work.

Easy on the ears

At a quiet 67 dB, the CTL SYS carries out its work with a particularly low level of noise, protecting not just your hearing but that of your customers too.

Mobile workbench with dust extraction

Coupled with the SYS-MFT workbench, it makes cutting pipes to length an easy and clean job.

Never forget a thing because it's all there

The upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle included in the scope of delivery are integrated in the Systainer extractor to prevent loss and are always ready to hand.

Because clean is simply better

Leaving a clean workspace behind you is part of professional performance and ensures satisfied customers who are happy to recommend you

Blow function

You can convert your CTL SYS into a blower.  To do this remove the hose, open the gate at the back of the extractor and plug the hose in.

Speed control for adjusting to the working material.
Antistatic Function
Dust extractors and tools with antistatic function to prevent static buildup when working.
CLEANTEC Connection System
Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.
Smooth Sleeve Hose
With a smooth exterior which allows it to slide over surfaces perfectly

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