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Festool 36ltr Dust Extraction + Cleaning Set CT36E HEPA #583495

Festool 36ltr Dust Extraction + Cleaning Set CT36E HEPA #583495

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• Compact design but large volume
• Can be customised thanks to modular plug-in slot
• High suction power due to space efficient high-power turbine
• Sys-Dock, hose garage and cord holder for tidy work
• Safety when transporting and stability when stationary due to integrated locking brake
• Optimum usage of filter bag volume and constant suction power thanks to SELF-CLEAN filter bag
• Optimised servicing for time and cost savings
• Fast change of main filter and filter bag, no tools required
• Precise dust extraction due to step-less speed adjustment
• Soft starting, shut-off delay and automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for power tools and air tools
• No static build-up due to anti-static function

• Power consumption : 350 - 1200 W
• Max. suction capacity : 3900 l/min
• Max. vacuum : 24000 Pa / 240 mbar
• Filter surface area : 3060 cm²
• Rubber-insulated power cord : 7.5 m
• Container/Filter bag capacity : 36 l / 34 l
• Dimensions (LxWxH) : 630 x 365 x 596 mm
• Appliance socket connected load : 2400 W
• Weight : 13.5 kg


• Self cleaning filter bag
• Antistatic suction hose Ø 27mm x 3.5m long
• Integrated hose garage
• Extractor machine
• Cleaning Set (as below)





Nobody will ever know how hard the work really was: 

Compact, but also big. Light, but particularly powerful. Just as uncompromising as it is adaptable; opposites come together in the new CLEANTEX, which removes all the traces of dust before they can be seen.

The compact dimensions and low weight of the new CLEANTEX extractors will bring greater flexibility to the building site and shop floor. Both the front swivel castors and rear wheels are made from a specially designed material for reduced wear, and the locking brake and precisely balanced, low centre of gravity ensure stability on any surface. The new CLEANTEX also features a modular plug-in system for quick and simple customising – from an additional power socket to an integrated compressed air port.

For an impressive display of just how big something small can be, take a look under the removable upper section of the new CLEANTEX. The CLEANTEX has a newly developed dust container and SELFCLEAN filter bags which are specially optimised for use with it, and also features an in-built, space-efficient flat filter. Driven by a high-power turbine, these features mean the CLEANTEX picks up significantly more dust, either inside or outside and provides consistently high suction, even over long periods of use.


ct26ct36-1.jpg ct26ct36-2.jpg 

The new CLEANTEX features a modular plug in system which can be perfectly tailored to suit your specific requirements. Compressed air module? Second power socket? Link to the energy box? Assembly couldn’t be simpler or more flexible which saves you valuable work time.

The challenge: to find more room inside a compact space 
The crucial factor with any extractor is how much room is available inside. The new shape of the dust container in the CLEANTEX provides considerably more volume despite the smaller overall size of the extractor. The flat filter is positioned outside the dust container and does not protrude into it.

This room bonus is fully exploited by the new SELFCLEAN filter bag. Its flexible non-woven material fits seamlessly into the smooth walls of the container, allowing it to hold considerably more dust. Thanks to the SELFCLEAN effect, the filter bag does not clog, keeping suction power constant until the bag is completely full. On top of that, the space efficient design of the new turbine guarantees even greater suction power.   
Constant high suction power and up to four times more fine dust with the SELFCLEAN filter bag.







Full use of available volume: where customary solutions such as round filters or hood shapes reduce the total volume, the flat filter doesn’t take any space away. The gross volume and the net volume are the same.

Intelligent self-cleaning: thanks to its flexible non-woven material and the shape of the dust container, the SELFCLEAN filter bag collapses into itself when the power is switched off. This shakes off the dust, preventing it from caking onto the sides of the bag, which can otherwise reduce suction power and even cause the filter bag to burst.


Practicality comes as standard.
Mobile dust extractors CLEANTEX CT 36

A new, optimised approach to servicing shortens the time required for any repairs. The structural design allows faster access to the relevant components.

With the modular plug-in system, every mobile dust extractor can be fitted with additional modules according to your requirements: you can add a compressed air module, a power socket with continuous current, a power socket with automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off, or a module  for connecting to a Festool energy box.*

The flat filter saves so much space that more room is available despite the smaller size of the unit. The gross volume and the net volume of the mobile dust extractor are the same.    

Super strong and super small: the high-power turbine provides considerably higher suction power but takes up very little room due to its compact design.

To keep everything tidily stored and protected, the CLEANTEX is equipped with a cord holder and a hose garage that can also be used to store small tools and parts. All Festool SYSTAINERs in sizes 1-5 and all SORTAINERs can be latched onto the Sys-Dock.

The integrated locking brake ensures stability when stationary. The combination of swivel castors for steering and rear wheels made from specially designed material reduces wear and wheel noise. The size of the wheels means that the CLEANTEX will not easily tip over; its balanced centre of gravity makes for comfortable and convenient carrying.

The new tear-resistant non-woven filter bags clean themselves by collapsing inwards when the motor is switched off. This SELFCLEAN effect ensures constant high suction power until the bag is entirely full. Overall, up to four times as much fine dust can be extracted using one bag, reducing the number of filter bags you use.
* Module must be fitted by a qualified electrician.   

Immaculate work is its hallmark.
Demand nothing less from your mobile dust extractor.
Whether sanding paint, filler, assembling furniture or laying floors, the CLEANTEX mobile dust extractors can be relied on to get rid of all dust. No matter whether you’re using air tools or power tools.   


You can only achieve precise results when you can see the surface you are working on. That’s where the new CLEANTEX comes in. It removes all dust right at the point where it is produced. Your view of the work is kept clear, regardless of whether you are sanding, milling or sawing. The work environment is also kept clean which is especially important for jobs done on the customer’s own premises.

Since protecting your health is also vital, particularly when working on paint, filler, plaster and wood, the new CLEANTEX filters out 99 percent of all dust in dust class L (light hazard) and fully 99.9 percent in dust class M (medium hazard). The new CLEANTEX also includes a flow sensor to monitor suction.

When vacuuming liquids, the LevelStop automatic level monitor switches off the power before the unit can overflow.



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