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Festool 27/20mm x 3.5m Anti-Static Plug-it Suction Hose #200050

Festool 27/20mm x 3.5m Anti-Static Plug-it Suction Hose #200050

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• With rotating adapter and tool end connector
• Temperature-resistant to +70 °C
• Specially designed for sanding applications
• 3in1 combination of smooth, tough protective cover, anti-static suction hose and plug it-cable

• Diameter : 27/22 mm
• Bleeder resistor (DIN IEC 312) : < 1

• CT 11 Dust Extractor
• CT 17 Dust Extractor
• CT 22 Dust Extractor
• CT 26 Dust Extractor
• CT 33 Dust Extractor
• CT 33 LE Dust Extractor
• CT 36 Dust Extractor
• CT 36 Autoclean Dust Extractor
• CT 36 LE Dust Extractor
• CT 44 E Dust Extractor
• CT 44 LE Dust Extractor
• CT 48 Dust Extractor
• CT 48 LE Dust Extractor
• CT 55 E Dust Extractor
• CT MIDI Dust Extractor
• CT Mini Dust Extractor
• CTH 48 Dust Extractor
• CTM 48 LE B22 Dust Extractor
• ETS 150 EC Random Orbital Sander
• SR 200 Dust Extractor
• SR 201 Dust Extractor
• SR 201 LE Dust Extractor


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