Felco Diamond Coated Sharpening Tool - Sharpener # FELCO903

Felco Diamond Coated Sharpening Tool - Sharpener # FELCO903

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• The FELCO 903 is a multi-function stone in hardened steel with a unique diamond coating that is ideal to sharpen, deburr and harden your blades
• It is ideal for caring for the cutting head of your pruning shears. Enhancing the quality of cuts and the life of blades guarantees optimal cutting performance
• The stone’s exceptional strength and life span means you will always have a reliable sharpener on hand wherever you work
• Ideal for sharpening all cutting tools including: pruning shears, loppers, cable cutters, knives and more
• Versatile stone for dry and wet sharpening
• Easy to use abrasion that requires only slight pressure. Sliding the stone in an inward movement six to ten times achieves maximum sharpness of your tool blade
• Designed to sharpen so there is no ridging on your blade
• Sharpening regularly maintains FELCO’s world-renown high quality cutting edge
• Ensures a long life for your tool’s cutting edge and sharpness whatever tasks you undertake
• Tool for right and left-handed users
• Made in Switzerland
• Given their quality and performance, it’s easy to demand a lot from your FELCO tools.
• However, even these high-quality tools can lose their cutting edge if not maintained.
• The FELCO 903 is a lightweight multi-function sharpening stone in diamond-coated hardened steel which professional users swear by for its performance.
• It is indispensable for sharpening, deburring and hardening your blades of pruning shears, loppers and cable cutters.
• It is guaranteed to restore a world-class cutting edge to tools that you have probably taken for granted for far too long.
• Whether by accident or design, we’ve all cut something we shouldn’t have.
• The lightweight FELCO 903 sharpening stone in hardened steel is perfect to restore the damage on any unfortunate cutting edge.
• The diamond coating means it is extremely strong, which not only reduces wear and tear but gives the stone a longer life, which in turn extends the quality of your cutting tools.
• Sharpen, deburr and hone your tools to a standard that will impress any professional.
• Overworked pruning shears, cable cutters and loppers will be transformed when their blades are held at the correct angle in relation to the FELCO 903.
• Just applying slight pressure puts shiny and sharp back into your pruning work and life into your tools.
• See product instruction cards or online for the correct sharpening angles and techniques.
• Made in Switzerland by FELCO

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