Excalibur 4 Piece Graphit Micro Screw Extractor #4507P

Excalibur 4 Piece Graphit Micro Screw Extractor #4507P

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• The DRILL-OUT® is a drill bit AND extractor in one and is engineered with a Winslow self-centering tip. 
• Each tool is specially designed to drill into rough surfaces that are caused when bolts break. 
• The DRILL-OUT® tip not only gives you complete control it allows you to obtain a perfectly centered hole without the tip walking or wandering.   
• DRILL-OUT® uses a self-centering Winslow Helical Point. This means the drill point will not walk while drilling, even on tough jagged breaks. 
• DRILL-OUT® uses the power of the drill to Torque the fastener out. 
• The power drill remains in the reverse mode during the operation. 
• The DRILL-OUT® is not a miracle tool. Sometimes, even with all of its state-of-the-art features, the bolt will resist extraction. 
• However, unlike manual extraction, the DRILL-OUT® will not become lodged in the bolt/screw and you always have a way to continue.

• Grabit Micro#1 - No. 5&6(3mm)
• Grabit Micro#2 - No. 8(4mm)
• Grabit Micro#4 - 3/16"(5mm)
• Grabit Micro#1 - 1/4"(6mm)

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