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Cigweld WeldSkill Auto Darkening Helmet Blue - 454305

Cigweld WeldSkill Auto Darkening Helmet Blue - 454305

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• CIGWELD WeldSkill Welding Helmets are specifically designed for the budget conscious welder and offer excellent comfort and performance.
• The WeldSkill Auto-Darkening helmet range is fitted with the latest auto-darkening shade lenses
• The value for- money WeldSkill Auto-Darkening helmet range provides the personal eye protection required for a solid day’s welding with the latest safety features, comfort and performance.
• Auto-Darkening Filter Lens Shade 9-13
• Variable Shade
• Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay Controls
• Australian Standards Compliance
• Medium Impact
• Suitable for use with CIGWELD Magnification Lenses
• Grinding and Welding Modes
• 1 Year Warranty

• Filter Lens Dimensions : 110 x 90 x 90mm
• On/Off Control : Automatic
• Operating Temperature : 5C to 55C
• Power Supplies : Solar Cells/Battery Back Up
• Reaction Time : 0.2ms
• Sensors : 2 Optical Sensors
• Shade : Variable 9-13
• Viewing Area Dimensions : 98 x 43mm
• Weight : 530g

1 Year Limited Warranty

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