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    Festool One Handed Planer 720w (576603) - EHL65EQ-PLUS


    Festool One Handed Planer 720w (576603) # EHL65EQ-PLUS

    FEATURES• The EHL 65 EQ is an assembly planer that has been well designed right down to the finest detail. • It has a planing width of 65 mm and accurate stepless cutting depth adjustment. • The EHL can tackle virtually any task and...

    $599.00 $635.00
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    Festool Planer 850W 574554 # HL850EB-PLUS


    Festool Planer 850W (574554) # HL850EB-PLUS

    Features• It can do what no other can: unlimited depth of rebates and planing up to the edge thanks to the unique, patented, one-sided planer head mounting.• Enormous time savings on blade changing thanks to unique spiral planer blade with no...