Festool CMS System

  • Festool CS50EBG PRECISIO 190mm Table Saw - 574768


    Festool CS50EBG PRECISIO 190mm Table Saw - 574768

    FEATURES• The PRECISIO CS 50 EGB is the perfect solution for cross and rip cuts in applications involving interior fitting, furniture assembly and exhibition stand construction. • It's lightweight and folding legs make it easy to transport...

  • Walko 2pce Quick Clamp Set.   #WAA2400


    Walko 2pce Quick Clamp Set. #WAA2400

    OVERVIEW • Quick and easy clamping of workpieces• Walko Surface clamps fit into holes of the bamboo table tops.The Cam Clamps are a handy item designed to be used with the holes on the Tabletops. • The clamps are...

  • Walko 4pce Castor Set.   #WAA2711


    Walko 4pce Castor Set. #WAA2711

    FEATURES • Extra mobility for Walko workbench• WalkoProvide extra mobility to the WALKO frame. • The casters are attached to the side of the WALKO frame. • When you need to transport the WALKO , turn it on...

  • Walko 4pce Workstrut Set.   #WAA1510


    Walko 4pce Workstrut Set. #WAA1510

    OVERVIEW • Fits into Walko frames.• WalkoStruts fold up and down as required.Work struts provide accessibility to work pieces that do not require the table tops or other work surface. • You can set the work...

  • Walko-4 Professional MKII Table Set.   #WAA1008000


    Walko Professional MKII Table Set - WAA1008000

    OVERVIEW • Versatile and tough for on-site use • The WALKO-4 Frame is a little bigger than the WALKO-3 frame. • The WALKO-4 supplies better support while sawing larger(thin) plates, The WALKO-4 is 8 centimeter longer in height than...

  • Walko Wall Mounting Set.   #WAA2315


    Walko Wall Mounting Set. #WAA2315

    OVERVIEW • To store and/or to use a WALKO in a limited space.• Walko Wall mounts provide extra support for applications that require you to place the WALKO frame upright against the wall or partition. • Wall mounts...