How to Choose the Best Air Nail Guns in The Market?

How to Choose the Best Air Nail Guns in The Market?

Posted by Justin Jersey on 13th May 2021

How to Choose the Best Air Nail Guns in The Market?

Driving nails into any sort of surface, be it a wall or a wooden block, is one of the most important tasks that any worker must perform while constructing something. The hammer's power aids in driving the nail into the object and embedding it deep within. The job, however, is not only boring but also energy-intensive, as each nail must be manually moved with repeated hammer blows. As a result, the use of nail guns has skyrocketed in recent years.

Pneumatic nail guns are very much effective in speeding up the work and driving the nail easily through the object. Besides this, several other benefits are also here which is why most workers rely on this particular tool more than anything else. If you are tired of using the old, traditional ways of driving the nails, you can definitely try this tool.

However, before that, you need to buy a nail gun, and with so many different types of air nail guns available in the market, choosing the best one is almost impossible. Well, at least impossible unless there’s a guide for you! That’s why here we have presented a special buying guide concerning the pneumatic air gun and how you can get the best one.

Choose A Proper Nail Magazine Type

The arrangement of nails within the gun is referred to as the magazine. It's also known as a special case, or mag, in which the nails are often put in two types: coil mag and strip mag. Each of these styles has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you choose the right one for the job.

Power Source of The Nail Gun

From the name itself you can understand that the air nail guns drive their power from air. Now, this power is supplied to the main tool in two main ways- using a compressor or a battery.

  • In the pneumatic air nail gun, the tool needs to be connected to an air compressor machine. On being switched on, air will be pushed through the pipe in full force, thereby helping you to trigger the nail firing sequence.
  • In the battery-powered nail guns, you won’t have to connect the tool with any power source. There will be an in-built battery which will generate small air bursts or pulses, having enough force to drive the nails.

Pneumatic Nail Gun Firing Methods

While looking for the air nail guns, you need to consider the firing mechanisms of the tool available in the market. Every nail gun has a trigger which when pressed will release the nail into the surface. But, this releasing mechanism differs. Some of the common air gun triggering methods are:

  • Contact firing
  • Single sequential nail firing
  • Single actuation firing
  • Full sequential firing
  • One-on-one firing

Nail Gauge Ratings

The gauge rating differs for all the air nail guns types. This particular parameter signifies the size of the nail you can handle using the pneumatic tool. For example, a 15 to 16 gauge air nail gun can drive the two and a half inches nails easily. On the other hand, for driving the three and a half inches nails, you will need the 20-gauge or the 23-gauge pneumatic gun.

Usability And Nail Gun Weight

To be very honest, the air nail guns are quite heavy. But their weight will differ and hence the extent of usability. If you are new, you will need a gun which has a lesser weight rating with a proper trigger. For experienced workers, the advanced air nail guns will be a perfect option.


The introduction of the air nail guns has helped the workers to finish their works easily without hurting themselves with hammer blows. There will be no more manual work or less efficiency. But, first you need to get the right air nail gun and our guide is going to help you out in the entire decision-making process.