15 Essential Handyman Tools You Need And Must Have

Posted by Dmitri Kara on 20th Mar 2019

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15 Essential Handyman Tools You Need And Must Have

Do you fancy handling your home projects the DIY way?

Would you rather save your funds and fix things around the house yourself? Are you just starting to equip your kit?

If you’re after the list of essential tools that every handyman must have, then you should know how important is the must-have set for the quality and success of your work. The list of tools handymen must have is rather big but you only need the basics to start with.

Having the right set of tools is simply a must. However, you don’t have to break the bank by buying everything at once, unless you’re in a rush, of course. A good set of family handyman tools is built over time and that’s why at Just Tools we have prepared the list of the general and most useful instruments that any beginner handyman should possess.

* Note: For your convenience, we have divided the article into two parts. In the first part you’ll find the basic hand tools and in part two, the basic power tools the average DIY family handyman should have.

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Checklist #1: What are the hand tools beginner handymen need?

A spanner set

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There are different types of wrenches sold on the market and each comes with its own set of properties and distinctive purpose. That’s why buying each and all might be hefty but mandatory. An alternative would be to purchase an adjustable wrench, commonly referred to as a “shifter”, is a viable and budget-friendly option

An adjustable wrench is commonly used to tighten the various bolts and plumbing fixtures. The adjustable head is what saves you money for it eliminates the need for multiple wrenches for each and every type of bolt in your home.

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A screwdriver set

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Screwdrivers come in handy in almost all household projects. That’s why, as a start, you should go for the basic set of screwdrivers. It’s a good idea is to invest slightly more and purchase magnetic screwdrivers, so you don’t lose bolts while working.

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A hammer

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A must for every self-respective handyman, even the DIY one. Our advice is to look for a claw headed hammer. One side drives the nails in, while the other pulls them out. The hammer of your choice should be both sturdy and comfortable.

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Pliers are mainly used for wirework, where you will need two types - a pair of needle nose pliers and an adjustable pair. The first is meant to handle cables, while the second can be used as a clamp when needed.

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Short tape

Probably one of the most used and well-known tools, the short tape is a staple in every handyman's set. The execution of most projects requires exact measurements and that’s why you can’t avoid to not buy one.

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This tool is used to secure an object in place while pressure is applied. Perfect for woodwork and bonding glued parts as bondage dries.

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Spirit levels

Also known as a bubble levels tool, spirit levels will help you determine if you have the exact horizontal or vertical position at hand. Invest in one and avoid building wonky furniture. The pricier the instrument, the more accurate and sturdier it is.

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A saw

If you plan to do woodwork you will probably need a good and sturdy saw. To make sure that the tool will last you as long as possible, we advise you to spend a bit more for the sake of quality. A sturdy saw is among the most practical tools to have because it allows you to cut through harder materials such as metal, plastic and ceramic.

To add a saw to your set of handyman tools is a good investment, considering the long run.

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Knife and replacement blades

A universal tool that can be found in pretty much any handyman toolset. You can use it to achieve a nice and crisp line or simply to sharpen your pencil. Make sure to get some extra blades because they have the tendency to wear out quick.

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A set squire

Handy when you need your edges to line up flawlessly. Invest in a metal unit for it’s sturdier and more durable.

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Checklist #2: What are the essential power tools for a handyman?

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When it comes to a complex job, the use of power tools is simply a must. According toJordan Vellutini, managing director of Westline Electricians Ltd., paving and wiring an entire deck is impossible without the proper gear to cut.

A drill

This device will make your building or repairing experience easier and a lot more entertaining. You can practically do a huge range of tasks with a drill - holes, screw in bolts, mix paint, adhesive and even cement and sand! If you have the right attachment at hand, the task will be completed faster, simpler and with better results.

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Circular saw

This monster can cut through any type of material as long as you have the proper blade, of course. Tile, steel, masonry, and more. You name it and this tool will make an absolute and straight cut. The circular saw is a major time-saver, especially when it comes to working with thick wood.

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Perfect for small and intricate details, this tool works on the same principle as the circular saw, but at a smaller scale.

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Reciprocating saw

Like the circular saw, the reciprocating saw can cut anything, but not as precise.

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Nail gun

This device looks more like a weapon than anything but cuts time from nailing your hands away, and contradictory to its name, it is safer.

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Why are work clothes and shoes crucial?

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First of all, work wear looks and feels great.

Second, you’ll be more comfortable and safe. Working with any of the above-described equipment holds its risks. If you don’t want to lose a falange, make sure to buy high-quality and durable protective gloves.

Get yourself protective glasses and eliminate the possibility of eye injury from flying wooden chips, advise the Fantastic Handymen. You don’t have to mess your clothes with paint nor oil stains which why overalls are such an efficient solution.

The use of proper footwear is vital. Heavy duty boots can save you a trip to the hospital by shielding your feet from any accidental cuts or crush injuries. To work with electrical powered tools poses a great risk for hospitals are struggling to cope with their chores and claims over medical negligence are on the rise. That’s why having the right type of shoes, made from leather or rubber, can reduce the chances of getting electrified.

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Also, work boots have sturdier soles, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling. Did we mention how cool they look?

We hope you found this article insightful and helpful. If you would like more advise on purchasing any type of equipment, we will be more than happy to provide it for you. Just give us a call!