Bessey Quick Action Vario 1000mm Revo KREV Body Clamp # KREV100-2K

Bessey Quick Action Vario 1000mm Revo KREV Body Clamp # KREV100-2K

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• Heavy duty applications as a quick action clamp, a spreader, a sash clamp or a table clamp/vice
• Sliding jaw can be positioned anywhere along the rail and also can be reversed for use as a spreader and is fitted with non slip devices for even safer and more secure clamping
• Anti gravity sliding jaw stop prevents the sliding jaw from freely moving when the clamp is standing on the fixed jaw head
• An SW6 torque drive provision on the handle end enables precise clamping pressures
• Parallel jaw faces that grip evenly anywhere on the extra large contact surfaces
• Parallel clamping means the clamp jaws do not tilt or pivot enabling secure clamping of shaped material such as a ball
• Wear resistant, blackened square acme threaded spindle with an ergonomic two component handle
• Fully heat treated six (6) sided serrated and profile rail for additional grip and strength
• Clip on, clip off workpiece clamping elements protect both the rail and workpiece as well as being used to clamp down onto a table or bench using the TK6 Table Clamp
• Clamping force up to 8,000N

• Opening A : 1000 mm
• Throat Depth B : 95 mm
• Rail Section Width : 29 mm
• Rail Section thickness : 9 mm
• Weight : 3.85 kg
• Spreading width e min/max : 260 - 1130 mm

• With up to 8,000 N of clamping force, the new REVO KRE body clamp has a powerful grip thanks to its metal-reinforced plastic housing and optimised sliding arm.
• The double slide protection holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm when in the unclamped position.
• In addition, the innovative body clamp design has an ergonomically shaped twin-component plastic grip with an internal hex.

• This enables you to apply the clamping force in a convenient manner with a maximum tightening torque of 17 Nm.

• Like its well-established predecessor, the new REVO KRE body clamp is universally applicable - even behind and at the sides of the profiled rails.
• This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional Screw Clamps are unable to reach.
• They can even get to grips with pointed and rounded surfaces.
• Craftsmen enjoy being able to adjust them to the precise setting for corners and stepped edges.
• The large clamping surfaces, which sit at right angles to the rail, have three removable and glue resistant protective caps.
• The two detachable work piece supports can be shifted along the rail to elevate fragile wood surfaces from the rail surface.
• These prevent the grooved steel rail from making contact with the workpiece.

• The variable model is equipped with an infinitely adjustable top section that can be shifted at the touch of a button.
• When it is positioned in the centre of the workpiece, the weight can be well distributed - especially when an object is clamped for an extended period.
• Irrespective of whether you choose the variant with the fixed or variable head, both models are equipped with an end stop that can be removed without the need for tools.
• As a result, removing the sliding arm from the rail and repositioning it for an extension application is very straightforward.

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