Bessey 7m Band Clamp Set - BAN700

Bessey 7m Band Clamp Set - BAN700

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• For even clamping of both sides without skewing or warping the workpiece
• Ergonomic painted timber handle and wear resistant square acme threaded spindle pulls both straps in together for optimum pressure
• Strap link enables strap separation to thread through or around objects
• Crank handle can be fixed for left or right handed users
• Easy clip on/clip off Vario corners with 60°-180° tilting pressure pads
• The Bessy BAN700 7m Band Clamp is suitable for assemblies made of wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals, but it can also be used with ferrous metals when firm all-round clamping which will not damage or distort the work is required.
• Because the tape is tightened evenly from both sides, pressure is uniformly distributed all round or at each corner, thereby preventing distortion on one side.
• Self locking occurs automatically as the strap is tightened.
• This ensures consistent tension, which is maintained until the strap is released.
• The Vario-angle adapt automatically and infinitely variably to any angle from 60° to 180°.

• Range of Angle: 60°-180°
• Clamping Capacity: 7m
• Weight: 0.6kg

• 4 x Vario Corners

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