Bernzomatic Trigger Start Torch Kit - TS4000ZKC

Bernzomatic Trigger Start Torch Kit - TS4000ZKC

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• Instant on/off trigger increases fuel savings and convenience. 
• Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use. 
• Replaceable brass tip.
• Swirl Flame provides a hotter, more efficient flame
• Burn tip produces swirl flame for maximum heat output. 
• Pressure regulated to burn in all directions.
• Efficient swirl flame provides high heat output
• Cast aluminum construction provides added durability
• Solders : 1/8" - 3"(3,175mm - 76,2mm)
• Brazes : 1/16" - 1"(1,58mm - 25,4mm)
Kit Includes
• TS4000 Trigger Start Torch
• 14.1 oz. MAP-Pro-filled Cylinder

BernzOmatic manufactures fuel cylinders and tanks for propane, MAP-Pro™, and oxygen gases. Choosing the right fuel -- and using it safely -- depends on the task you're performing and what type of hand torch you're using. The following tips can help you make the right fuel choices. You can also contact BernzOmatic for help selecting the right fuel and products for your needs.
Fuel Information
How Hot?
200-400 degrees F Softening putty or paint
350-840 degrees F Soldering: joining metals with a low-temp metal filler for plumbing and electrical projects
400-800 degrees F Thaw frozen locks and rusted nuts-bolts
840-1,500 degrees F Brazing: soldering with a hard filler
1,300-1,600 degrees F Cutting steel
1,250-2,800 degrees F Welding metals together

Hot Spots
A single torch flame has many different temperatures. For any gas, the hottest part of the flame is at the tip of the inner flame, where the pale outer flame meets the darker inner flame.

Fuel Uses
Oxy-MAP-Pro™: Flame temperature in air is 5,200 degrees F. Ideal for: Cutting and welding iron and steel, when you don't need a sharp flame like an oxy-acetylene torch. Oxygen and MAP-Pro™ Premium Torch Fuel cylinders and a specialty oxy-fuel torch are needed.

MAP-Pro™: Flame temperature in air is 3,730 degrees F. Ideal for soldering larger size copper pipes, brazing, heat-treating. Higher flame temperature and better combustion intensity allows tasks to be completed more quickly. Choose a torch specially designed for MAP-Pro™ fuel.

Propane: Flame temperature in air is 3,600 degrees F. Ideal for soldering copper pipes, heating frozen pipes and rusted nuts, softening paint and other low-heat DIY projects. A self-igniting torch is safer and more reliable than a spark. Pick a wide flame for most applications which don't need pinpoint-type heat.

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