Bahco 1.2m Fixed Loop Lanyard #3875-LY2

Bahco 1.2m Fixed Loop Lanyard #3875-LY2

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• Bahco elastic tool lanyards are used to securely attach any hand tool in order to prevent it from falling down and harming personnel, causing damage, or disrupting work. Whenever there is a risk of dropping hand tools – the lanyards can be used.
• Bahco’s tool lanyards can also be used to prevent tools from falling into machinery, production lines, nuclear fuel rod cooling ponds, water filter beds, or reservoirs. Even underground workplaces, such as mining shafts can require use of tool lanyards.
• Bahco elastic tool lanyards feature universal attachment for tools that do not have an integrated point of attachment. 
• Almost any tool can be attached easily by passing the tool lanyard through the loop and clinching tight with the barrel lock
• Bahco lanyards are used to attach any tool in order to prevent them from harming personnel, causing damage, or disrupting work. The lanyards have all gone through rigorous static and dynamic tests, and have maximum work-load sew-in warning tags.
• 3 kg maximum tool weight (3 daN)
• Maximum work-load sew-in warning tag
• Fully extended length 120 cm
• Non-removable carabiner
• Fixed loop with barrel lock
• High strength webbing and self-retracting inner coil jointly absorbs shock
• High Tenacity polyester
• Individual tracking number

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